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04.06.2019 03:45
Being green", there is Antworten

Being green", there is information saying that it is "spring tour, spring exploration, spring search". In so many other names, the most obvious word is "spring". It seems that this "green" and "spring" are closely related to the fragrance of April Online Cigarettes. I went to the field with my grandmother, Auntie, my brother, and other people, and went to the field to walk through a poplar forest. The first thing that caught my eye was the rape. The rape blossoms here are so much! The wind blows, thousands of flowers follow. The wind swayed into a golden ocean. At this time, the fragrance of the fragrance came out, and the aunt happily jumped into the "flower sea" and shouted: "Give me a photo..." Just like this, we take pictures while advancing. My eyes didn��t know where to leave for a while. On the way, the small wild flowers on the edge of the field were open to competition, and the wheat seedlings in the field were smashed under the call of the wind; the small seedlings on the cotton bed were Under the sunshine, the earth was coming out, and the small head was revealed and we greeted each other; our photos were taken one by one, and the sighs involuntarily came out of our mouths: "It��s so beautiful! So beautiful Parliament Cigarettes, suddenly, I The sight is drawn by a group of playful teals in the river. In the past, a small mud group was thrown at them, and with the sound of the "squeaky" sound Newport 100S, the teal ducks slammed into the bottom of the water and disappeared. Just as I was looking at my eyes, they were already showing their heads on the water far away from us, and they continued to play. They looked back from time to time, as if they were challenging me - this time your mud can��t beat me. Looking at this group of cute little wild ducks, I can't bear to bother them to play freely! I came to a cement cave on the riverside (the mother-in-law said, this is the previous & elementary school made two long ropes with long ropes) The basket, thrown to the younger brother, and then grabbed the end of the rope skillfully and threw the wire basket into the river. The snails started the game! The two sides of the match were experienced mother-in-law and "the newborn burdock is not afraid of the tiger" Brothers. "Brother, throw it!" As the mother-in-law began to pull the basket back, I cried in a hurry. With a "squeaky", the brother's basket was also launched. Hey! Why didn't the basket sink? Yeah? My brother and I are eager to jump on the shore. "Ha ha ha... Your basket is stranded on the grass!" Mom and Auntie were laughing at the side and couldn��t stand the waist Wholesale Cigarettes... The result: the mother-in-law won the victory. My brother and I have only harvested a few water plants, but they have gained a lot Cigarettes For Sale. The fun fun mother pulled out the tender reeds and blew their childhood "whistle." We took the little song and walked leisurely on the sheep's intestines in the field, stepping on the green, taking the spring breath and stepping out. Childhood joy.
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