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03.05.2019 05:06
The years are glory, Antworten

The years are glory, the four seasons are revolving, and the memories of displacement are always filled with unclear and unclear. Only when I grow up, I will slowly see that the road to life is too long and too long, but there is no one to be alone in the lonely. I don��t know where to warm, but I��m going to turn around and go to the unknown. end. A few cold autumn rains crossed the cheeks, passed over the hillside and fell into the lake. The aged leaves drift across the mountains, across the ditch, and sleep on the earth. It turns out that in the sight of heaven and earth, all life is looking for their own destination Marlboro Hard Cigerate. Life is a kind of righteousness, abandoning unnecessary memory and searching for the true meaning of return. What makes us feel heavy is the most beautiful passage on the way. If we talk about life in terms of time, it is really "the life of the people," but equality is not the end of life, because we are not only pursuing a simple home. The return of raindrops seems to be in a unified form, but who can be sure that the road they have traveled is the same? They may come from the clouds in the sky, and then turn into airborne rain, and then return to the gaseous state Marlboro 100S Cartons Us, let the body temperature of the cold night toss, condense into the silver dress on the green leaves in the morning, and finally where to come from, where to go. Simple and complex, seemingly the same but different, in which the twists and turns are pale words and whenever I see the leaves that pass by myself Cheap Newport Regular Online, I can��t help but start to fear, fearing that they are drifting around the world. Courage, fear the records of those outside the context, fear them to live and prosper in a lifetime Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping, and then return to the silence of the righteousness. Only the people who march in the world, like raindrops and fallen leaves Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S, with heavy memories, chic and ups and downs, life Going back, come back

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