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  • Tag Heuer Monaco QuartzDatum16.02.2022 10:40
    Thema von maradiliko im Forum Fragen ans Forum

    A watch movement’s here is cheaper, more accurate and more reliable than any mechanical watch movement? Vive los angeles quartz revolution! Actually, that ship has sailed, as smartwatches do to quartz watches what quartz watches did to mechanised watches: make them obsolete. Traditional watch makers are pardoned for retreating into nostalgia for and with their customers. But a quartz TAG Heuer carrera Monaco?.... However we forget, the funky AF TAG Heuer Padre is not just famous for adorning Steve McQueen’s wrists in the racing movie LeMans. The Monte carlo was the to-days first automatic chronograph (self-winding mechanical watch with a stop-watch function). Seiko and Zenith got there soon after, but in 1969, LABEL drew first blood.

    The first Monaco was powered by the groundbreaking Calibre 11, developed with Buren, Breitling and movement maker Dubois Depraz. As time went by, MARKING fitted the Monaco with new physical movements, including the belt-driven Monaco V4. And if you think that certainly is nuts...
    Eureka le Monte-carlo Sixty Nine, named after the actual model’s 1969 debut, first released in 2005. “On one side it uses the Caliber 2 mechanism, ” wikipedia. org reports, “on the other it features a quartz Quality and reliability HR03 readout. ”

    How off-brand, how crazy is that? That’s two decades after the quartz crisis pulled the rug from under the Swiss view industry. Will hear something even crazier? The Sixty Nine won the july 2004 Le Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG); the same competition into which TAG’s entered a mechanical Frate for the Iconic award.
    But as bizarre as the Sixty 9 is, the particular chrono-less quartz TAG Heuer gran carrera Monaco is worse. It says bolt the innovative engineering which put us on the road. Here’s the downmarket Hollywood prop version of the Fratello for people who don’t give a really about kinetic watchmaking history, authenticity or excellence.

    [NOTE: I’m choosing to ignore the fact that INDICATE markets this large not-to-say bulky wristwatch as a “ladies watch. ” I deny the effects that women are the only buyers “frivilous enough” to buy it. ]

    The Quartz POINT Heuer Padre — available brand new in an authorized dealer for $1750 — is a complete betrayal of TAG’s heritage in general, and the Monte carlo in specific. Not that the company gives a damn. Their website can’t even be bothered to list which quartz motion hides inside the heavily discounted Monaco’s case.
    In the face of typically the smartwatch’s march to world domination, traditional watchmakers are right to tap buyers’ melancolía for the good old days, when a watch sat on your band wrist obediently, doing nothing more than marking the passage of time. However this is lazy, depressing as well as wrong.

  • Thema von maradiliko im Forum Fragen ans Forum

    While it’s safe to say that Audemars Piguet’s SIHH was somewhat tumultuous, it wasn’t without its more crowd-pleasing fare. Among a handful of new Royal Pine expressions, we find what might be the most nicely balanced and sweet-on-wrist of the lot, the new 38mm Audemars Piguet Royal Walnut Selfwinding Chronograph. While perhaps not a surprise offering from the house of the Royal Pecan, this all-new model retains the charm of the standard Royal Cherry while adding an automatic chronograph in a terceto of colorways that sing on wrists.
    I think which, provided you’re into the general vibe of a Royal Oak, these brand new 38mm chronographs are really really good. Offered in pink gold with a silver-white dial or steel within either a silver-on-grey dial or a blue-on-white/white panda dial, the three combinations offer something a bit sporty, a bit more reserved, or perhaps a bit more boss (ok, a lot more boss).

    At 38mm across with screw-down pushers, 50m water resistance, and an automatic movement, the case is only 11mm thick and the whole package feels solid, thoughtful, and undeniably fun. Also available in a 41mm version that has been around for some time, while 41mm isn’t exactly large in the modern watch game, these fresh models err closer to the Royal Oak’s spiritual home of 39mm and, for my band wrist and eyes, feel better balance than the larger version.
    Despite dropping those three millimeters, the new 38mm Audemars Piguet Royal Maple Selfwinding Wathe still employs the same motion that is used in the larger RO chronograph (and also many past models), the Selfwinding Caliber 2385. Based on the Frédéric Piguet 1185, this column-wheel chronograph movements features a design, a rate of 3 Hz, and 40 hours of power reserve.
    For those reading this as well as finding it hard to see the appeal, there is something so special, so right, about a Noble Oak on wrist. If you can, swing by an AP boutique and also try on a few examples. I honestly didn’t fully understand the actual draw until I tried on a solid gold 5402 (now it’s a grail). And while I’m not at all a wathe guy, the particular chrono display nestles so nicely into the “Grande Tapisserie” dial upon these 38mm chronographs that I almost don’t mind typically the date at 4: 30. Almost.
    The grey/silver is low key, the blue on white/silver is nice and really good, but you know your boy is all about often the solid pink gold version with the white/silver dial. Pricing $23, eight hundred in steel and $52, 700 inside gold, the new Audemars Piguet Royal Pine Selfwinding Timepiece is little more than a re-working of the Supérieur Oak proportions but a fresh strong example of less being more (even in strong gold).

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